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About Mariska...

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I was born and raised in South Africa, where I studied Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography and Public Relations. I worked in PR for a couple of years before starting a successful Marketing Company. After having my first little baby girl, I opened my own ceramic studio, where I designed and manufactured bespoke "french country" styled ceramic dinnerware, salad bowls and serving platters.  I did this while also doing photo shoots and the rest is history. 😁

In January 2017 we immigrated to New Zealand, and made this our forever home. I brought my ceramic and photography businesses over with me, and started working on getting my products into the NZ market. Not knowing anything or anybody in this new, unfamiliar environment proved to be greatly challenging, but it taught me that when you put your mind to it and persevere, you can really achieve anything you want. I drove the miles and put in the long hours and managed to secure 7 large retailers who stocked my ceramics, while the photography was also picking up...but this was not enough...


While starting to focus more on my photography business, I enrolled myself into an Auckland University and studied Digital Marketing.  This opened up my eyes to the NZ market and my love for marketing just became ever stronger. After graduating in 2019 I launched a Digital Marketing Agency and managed to secure clients ranging from small startups to large corporate companies.

Photography still is my biggest passion, and by combining this with my marketing skills I can help businesses to achieve greater success and help make people's dreams come true.  

I now specialise in weddings, personal branding and commercial photography.  My work has been featured in the NZ Bride & Groom Magazine, on the Auckland Weddings Website, on the cover of a published author's book, various websites, on social media and billboards across NZ.

I LOVE what I do, and would love to share that with you!

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