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Drum roll please!... (a burst-shot will also do) :-)

As promised, today you will get to meet one of my all time favorite Photography mentors who has inspired me most...and I know you will LOVE his work as well!

When I started out as a Professional Photographer years ago after completing my studies, I often found myself doubting and second guessing my abilities and skills. (I know most of you know exactly what I am talking about, because that is where you are at now) I sometimes found it difficult to marry my knowledge to the practical execution of techniques and styles. I was scared to try something new and sometimes got a little stuck in my own comfort zone. But, sometimes you need to press through the boundaries, take the chance, dare to climb out of the box and be brave enough to stand up again when you fail to succeed the fist time...and the second fact you have to repeat the process until the unfamiliar things become your new home. You get what I am saying? (Photography can be a very technical and scary field if you are not familiar with all the jargon and disciplines)

In 2017, shortly after immigrating to New Zealand, I stumbled upon a very creative guy called Peter McKinnon while flipping through my YouTube channels in search of inspiration that could help me start my NZ based business. Peter used to live in Toronto but is now a New York based film producer and photographer, who in 2017 started his YouTube channel and within 9 months hit the 1 million subscriber mark. I immediately "clicked" with who he was (he drinks just as much coffee as I do) and what he said, and his vlogs was so inspiring to me that I just have to share it with you.

Peter McKinnon out on one of his adventures

You will still get to see a lot of his videos on my blog, because he is one of my favorite inspirations.

After the previous blog "The 3 basic ingredients of a good photo" I thought it would be a good idea to share one of his videos with you on this topic. Watch it and enjoy it!

For more amazing videos by Peter, subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can also like and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

So until next time, don't be afraid to go on new adventures with your camera. You only live once... Capture it! #yolo

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