4 amazing mobile apps for editing your photos like a PRO

Photography apps to save you time and help you create magical effects without costing you an arm and a leg...

We all know the frustration of having to take a photo in the spur of the moment, and then looking at it and thinking what a waste of a good moment that was... the photo might be blurred, the exposure might have been too light or too dark, or the photo might just simply need a touch of pizzazz to enable it to pop... (pop in photography slang simply means that the colors and contrast become vibrant and it becomes magical :-) )

I have a few go-to apps on my mobile phone, which is available for both Android (Google Play Store) and iPhone (App Store). Here is a list of 4 of my favorites that you might want to give a try.


Snapseed is an amazing app and the best part of it all - it's FREE! The app is developed by Google, and is a user friendly, powerful app to have on your mobile phone. I can guarantee you hours of fun while playing around with all the different filters and effects.